Roof and facade systems

Copper roof and facade

Copper roofs and facades admired their solid color. Copper roof and facade is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature, it is very plastic. Copper is an ideal material for covering the roof or facade. It does not require any maintenance. Copper is a natural, eco-friendly, durable. Aligning with any other materials used in construction. Copper roof and facade perfectly meet the highest requirements of modern architecture.

VM ZINC - roofing and facade cladding

VM ZINC delivers long-lasting, maintenance-free, robust, practical, with many options and colors of roofing and facade system. VM ZINC roofs and fasadai- sign of quality and functionality and aesthetics of architecture. Not without reason the world known designers and architects designing buildings prefer VMZINC impressive production as their form of expression.

RHEINZINK – roofing and facade cladding

 Roof cladding system is maintenance-free, long and strong. Zinc is used in roofing for over 150 years. For several decades RHEINZINK material used for roofs and façades worldwide.

KALZIP – roofing and facade cladding

Kalzip roofing and wall systems unique characteristics like durability, light weight, high load capacity. Kalzip Corrugated and trapezoidal profiles provides unlimited design freedom. Kalzip offers a wide selection of profiles, colors and a variety of surface finishing options.

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