Roof and Facade Additions

Snow Traps

Snow traps, snow stops falciniams roofs made of copper or aluminum are mainly used to prevent the slice snow from the roof surface. Mounted about 1m from the roof eaves. There may be one or two additional tube of ice cutter.

Film- Structural Flooring

The film used for covering the Eurovent METALLIC Heated ventilated sloping roofs, including roofs with continuous sheathing, any plated metal coating with a right chase.

Nails And Copper Rivets

Copper to copper roofing nails are an inevitable part of the roof. Commonly used 3 x 35 mm various accessory tray nailed to the roof structure.

Enkolit Glue

Enkolit glue for tin are used parapets, window sills, and other products of an articulated fitting to any building structure. Elastic adhesive sheet metal allows air to move at different temperatures.

Roofs Bridges

Roof bridge or safety grounds to ensure safe walking and maintenance of various elements in the roof such as chimneys, skylights, antennas, etc.

Chimney Caps, Roofs Chimneys

Roof chimney must be only of copper or stainless steel. Other materials will serve just very briefly and very often. Copper chimney roof protects from direct rainfall entering the chimney and long life. Chimney roof complex consists of copper or stainless steel plate, pins, screws and washers. To be mounted in such a way that at any time simply can be removed to clean the chimney.

Holders For Chased Roof

Stainless steel fasteners for chased roofs are sliding and nonslipe.

Facade tiling, scales

Copper tiles are called scales, which are the building facade gives endless possibilities for architectural decisions. The small and large square or diamond tiles (scales) are available most elaborate facade options.

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