Snow Traps


Snow traps on the roof can be aluminum, stainless steel, copper.

1) One tube snow catcher

2) Two snow tube catcher

3) Ice trap

The sudden and unexpected collapse of the snow and ice from the roof of a serious threat to people and property. A massive landslide of snow can not only disrupt people's health, but the damage to the lower roof structures, ducts, pipes, and the foundations of the environment.

Snow retention devices to minimize the damage: it keeps the weight of snow and ice to allow the water to gradually flow into the gutters. Snow retention devices may help prevent the formation of icicles and possible perforation of the roof, which, in turn, improves safety and reduces the likelihood of civil liability lawsuits.

When choosing a snow retention devices based on many factors and calculations. Visual assessment of the value of harmony and the restoration of historical monuments and modern architecture. Metals and trim, shape and design are selected to meet the characteristics of the roof. We can individually adjust the snow retention system for each residential, commercial or administrative building, the architectural style.

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