Enkolit Glue

enkolit klijai baltame fone

Enkolit a plastic sheet and putty adhesive bitumen content, excellent cohesive masonry buildings, concrete, zinc, copper, aluminum, steel and wood.

Unte Studies in masonry construction coatings confirmed that the 30-year Enkolit glue stick sheets retain their functionality. There is a certificate of inspection.

Enkolit meets all the requirements of DIN 1055/4 for the strength of the wind, in the rain and hail falling further slipinant sound.

According to the regulations allowed Enkolit metal roofs, external walls and the construction of tinkering work.

The conditions required for bonding sheets

  • Dry, clean and sturdy base
  • Instructions corresponding grooves knives
  • Full coverage of the whole area in one direction
  • Mech. fixation point, with the areas of sloping or vertical
  • Sheet slowly and evenly pressed
  • Do not work when the temperature is below 5 ° C
  • Prior to application instructions carefully before work
  • Do not use indoor

Output: approx 2-3 kg/m2

Density: approx 1,1 g/ cm3/ 20°C

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