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Eurovent METALLIC roof is four-ply composite film with high vapor capacity property for ventilated pitched and continuously sheathed roofs made of any metal covering the right chase coating. Consists of four layers: 2 non- fabric polypropylene and functional polypropylene inner film layer, which ensures a high level of product water vapor capacity and at the same time, the water permeability. The fourth layer, connecting the product to a continuous polypropylene fabric is a layer separating the upper part of the film polypropylene metal roof part. Eurovent METALLIC has water impermeability properties at more than 3000 mm H2O level, which is an important element of the product durability and strength. Also, the film has a special stabilizing additives that increase the resistance to UV rays for up to 4 months, which enables to perform roofing work with a lag.

This is a cost-effective product. Eurovent METALLIC - this is the highest quality product, and it bears the original label. Product authenticates and informational signs, which enables a fast, fair and easy product installation on the roof.


The film used for covering the Eurovent METALLIC Heated ventilated sloping roofs, including roofs with continuous sheathing, any plated metal coating with a right chase. Eurovent METALLIC can also be used for metal ventilated and non-ventilated façades as a drainage layer and ventilated. Thanks to the production of single-use polypropylene wrapping, with a separating layer function, we obtained a cavity, enabling full ventilation and water and trap moisture from under the metal roof of what is important to the longevity of the roof. Thanks to the roof of the film Eurovent METALLIC use coated metal roofing coating extends the durability of at least a few years. With this film does not need to leave an air gap between it and the heat insulation (mineral wool, glass wool, and so on.), i.e. allowed an uninterrupted film insulated contiguity.

Eurovent METALLIC high product quality guarantee for users peace of mind, reliability, longevity and a healthy climate for their home.


The surface density about 490g/m2
Steam capacity about 3000 g/m2/24h*
Stability of UV radiation about 4 months
Sd factor about 0,02 m
Waterproof W 1
Rolls dimensions 1,5 m x 25 mb = 37,5 m2
Tray 6 rolls


  • the possibility of condensate drainage
  • waterproof
  • have a high vapor capacity
  • increased ventilation of the roof

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