Sheet rolls for roof and facade

Copper cladding

Copper is an extraordinarily soft and durable material, requiring no extra surfacing. Low mass of roof cover has a positive influence on static qualities of an object. Roof span, which is expensive to construct, is therefore not required. Copper roofing is resistant to extreme meteorological conditions and is suitable for use in mountainous areas and northern countries where adverse climate conditions are common. Due to its inherent qualities copper is used in restoration of historical and memorial constructions of high importance. Copper is a justifiable investment with a warranty period of 130 years. Copper is completely corrosion- resistant, therefore no further investment for roofing will be needed. It is even true that copper is among the most cost-effective materials for roofing and facade cladding.

VM ZINC tin, Titan- zinc

VMZINC has exclusive and original surface. Warm, glowing and very eloquently intrinsic light play on the surface depends on reducing the color palette of the sky. For mechanical and aesthetic flexibility in harmony with other materials - wood, brick, cement, glass - is original, sometimes surprising, and always assures perfect results.

RHEINZINK cladding

RHEINZINK is a high quality zinc alloy from 99,995 % fine zinc and portions of copper and titanium. RHEINZINK can be of 3 types:     Natural VM ZINC®. In normal weather conditions the surface darkens to blue grey colour. Not only patina provides additional protection of the material, but also improves aesthetic qualities, which is maintenance-free.    RHEINZINK is available as mill finish and as preweathered material. The preweathering have ex factory the optics of the zinc patina and is already available in two variants:   RHEINZINK preweathered, blue-grey.   RHEINZINK preweathered, slate-grey. The preweathering have ex factory the optics of the zinc patina. The process is patented by RHEINZINK. Although the external appearance is due to change as a result of environmental effects, the beneficial qualities remain: regardless of the surface processing type, the material is maintenance-free, the scratches darken in no time.   All three types correspond to highest quality requirements for the material and are undergoing tests in accordance with the QUALITY ZINK Criteria Catalogue. Its products are durable, maintenance-free and not harmful. They are given a 30 years warranty period, the maximum under the law. It provides a sense of security.

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