RHEINZINK cladding

"RHEINZINK - high quality pure zinc alloy (99.995%) copper and titanium accessories.
RHEINZINK can be supplied 3 types: 
RHEINZINK-natural-usual. Because of the given natural environment influence, the surface darkens to bluish gray color. Patina not only provides additional protection for the material, but a good picture that does not require additional maintenance. 
RHEINZINK-aged blue-gray. 
RHEINZINK-aged dark-gray factory. Have antique image of the surface. RHEINZINK this process is patented. Surface of the image varies depending on the effects, but the positive attributes remain: regardless of the surface treatment, no need for additional care resulting from scratches darkens over a short period of time. 
All three types to meet the highest quality requirements, material requirements and are tested in accordance with the QUALITY Zink criteria catalog. 
Products from durable, maintenance-free and harmless. Guarantee time - 30 years, the maximum allowed by law. That provides a sense of security.

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