Copper rainwater drainage system

Copper gutters

 Copper gutters are used on the roof area to collect rain water and divert rainwater pipe. Most importantly is to correctly calculate from the roof area of the duct width of the water after the rain gains over the top.

Additions of copper gutters

 For copper gutters to mount on the roof are used copper  holders. For angles connected using an internal or external corner by duct diameter. Completion can use a universal or semicircular rear cover.

Gutter outlets

Copper channel spigot used gutter and downpipe connection. Sometimes the exaggeration, the aesthetics are used in addition funnels.


 Copper elbow is needed  for various angles and distances to form.

Pipe accessories

 Copper rainwater pipes are connected to each other or used clutch. Copper mounting brackets to the wall according to the selected diameter. You can also use a variety of: water dripping into the side of the assembly or cleaning of the sheet attachments.

Vertical pipes

Copper rainwater used for the assembled water leaked into storm drains. Connected to each other and attached to the wall.

Roof and special accessories

Any roof should always be a variety of parts, which at first glance seem unnecessary. Such as a leaf catcher, nails, ventilation and so on.

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