Zinc rainwater drainage system


VMZINC plants made resistant to the gutters themselves in the most adverse weather conditions such as hail, large temperature changes and the strong effect of ultraviolet radiation most strongly illuminated by the sun in places.

Gutter cover

VMZINC gutter cover is made with special care and precision, so the installer is very easy to solder.

Gutter outlets

 VMZINC channel spigot for its classic look suitable for use in a variety of styles of architecture. Outlets exactly connects the channel with downpipes.

Gutter connection

This material is used when the duct length is 12 m or more. It allows for a variety of temperature changes in the ductus move in the right direction.

Gutter corners

VMZINC gutter corners thanks to modern production line will produce the highest quality and accurate dimensions. Easy to connect the duct both internal and external angles.

Gutter holder

VMZINC duct holder has used both attachment to the rafters, and the tapping. This allows you to use both the old facilities renovation and new modern buildings. 

Gutter holder: 1) the rafters, 2) facade.


VMZINC gutter durability is about eighty years old. Zinc surfaces damaged, contact with the atmosphere is again covered with a protective thin layer called the patina.

Pipe joints

VMZINC gutter connectors are used to connect to a shortened or cut downpipe with each other.


VMZINC gutter elbow is a prestigious building element through which the storm sewer system will look like a complete and aesthetically pleasing.

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